We offer a full range of Commercial finishes including Décor packages, wall coverings, seamless wall coverings (zolatone and multi spec), Faux finishes, glazing and elastomeric coatings. We know that time invested in learning about you, your company and your objectives is the key to really meeting your needs. Accomplishing your goals is the key to our continued success and we take it seriously.

Create your own custom patterns or use standard designs to improve the durability and ease of maintenance of your concrete floors as well as their appearance.

Hydro water jet and abrasive blasting for removal and abatement of asbestos and lead based coatings provide a safe and effective way to decontaminate surfaces and get them ready for additional coating or treatment. Our operators are trained in the use of modern equipment and materials to provide you with a cost effective way of accomplishing these objectives.

Our roof restoration systems offer multiple benefits by extending the life cycle of existing roofs that have come to the end of their performance after many years of service. Our products are sustainable and LEED rated. No tear-outs or abatement are required and 10, 20 and 30 year warranties are available.

Whether your need is for custom colors, textures, applications, surfaces or other specialty finishes we will find the solution and, if you wish, suggest alternatives. You can count on our creativity and experience to get the right answer for you.

We like the challenge of taking a structure that shows it’s age and wear and doing the research to find out what it used to be like. Then, using a combination of the our available services and the most modern materials and techniques, we strive to restore it to it’s original appearance … only better.

Restoring concrete floors is a complex process. It involves determining what wear, contamination and other problems exist and then finding the best and most economical methods for preparing it for a new, more durable and more attractive surface. The effectiveness of the application itself is dependent on these first critical steps.

This is a special spray application for structural beams used in hotels and multi-story commercial buildings. We are one of the very few companies on the Central Coast certified by the manufacturer of this material to do this application. We have over 15 years of experience in providing this service and take extreme care to ensure the quality of our work will provide the safety and security you want.

Your logo is your public identity and its very important for us to get it right for you. When you come to us with the design for your logo we will consult with you to help determine the best placement, type and material. We will oversee the construction and the installation so your company is quickly and easily recognized by the public.

Faux finishes and techniques include color washing, old world parchment, ragging, sponging and antique staining. The process is used with multiple colors to make a beautiful statement and create a warm ambience for any accent wall or room. This choice or look is totally up to the customer and we are happy to assist with suggestions and ideas to help you. Our goal is to give choices to make your decision easier.

Want something more than paint? Wallpaper may be the answer you’re looking for. Textures, colors, murals and photographs, designs and more are available to enhance your decor. Selecting the right covering is an exciting adventure and we can help. We will also install the wall covering of your choice with exacting care and attention to detail.

We’ve been doing this kind of work for over 25 years and the experience we’ve gained is used each time we do a tank. We’ve done jobs from a single tank to complete fuel storage facilities for private parties, multi-national corporations and the government. The types of tanks include fuel, water, gas, storage, water treatment, propane and more. Our technicians have all completed an extensive safety training course and use custom non-combustible equipment.